Baiting Poles are simply an edge I couldn't live without! Ever since the release of the Bushwhacker, baiting poles seem to be more popular than ever in modern day carp fishing. They are very ideal for margin fishing and are perfect for stealth. However, are they really needed in carp fishing? How much advantages do they have? What can they not do? Well this article should answer all your questions.

What Can They Do?

As an avid user of the Bushwhacker, I can safely say these have so much capability. If your fishing margins, a baiting pole is perfect. You can get your rigs out a lot more accuratley than casting, you cause a lot less disturbance with one and it's super efficent and easy to use. I find it a lot easier to fill the drop on the lead than casting. With all these factors I am confident that they have helped me put more fish on the bank.

They are perfect for washing line rigs. Without the baiting spoon, you can only really lower your rig in the margin by hand. With however, you can cast onto the bank, walk the baiting pole round and you can use the baiting pole to fish a bit further out of the margin, or in places where you can't cast / lower a rig.

Fishing next to pads? The baiting pole has never been better for this, simply ship it out and you can get it as accurate as ever. You may need extra sections for this but it saves you making multiple casts to get your rig on the spot you want and also keeps disturbance down to a minimum, meaning you have a bigger chance of getting that quicker bite!

If you don't like casting your rig in the dark, the baiting pole is far much easier. The shiny black makes it easy to see with a headtourch or you can simply attach some glow in the dark tape to the pole making it easy to spot and control in the dark.

You would not think it, but you can use baiting poles for zig rigs. Simply attach a cable tie to the pole, make it tight but so it can move up and down the pole and leave a small tag end. After this you place the lead in the spoon and then straighten the hooklink out and place the hook on the tag end of the cable tie. This will mean that when you drop the zig it shouldn't tangle.

What Can't they Do?

If your fishing distance then they aren't very good at that. Even with the extra sections, your still limited as the further you go out the harder it is to steer. Any further than 14 wraps you're going to struggle to keep the poles accuracty. The current / tow in the water will pull the pole with it and the more pole in the water = the more pole there is for the current to drag.

I personally would not use them when surface fishing. When the carp are on the surface feeding, pushing a baiting pole through them is just going to spook them. You are far more better off casting your rig past the zone and reeling back slowy so your rig is presented perfectly in the feeding area.

Would a Baiting Pole Suit You?

This can be a simple answer but also not as there is other factors to consider. In short if you fish smaller lakes where most of the fishing isn't far out then yes definetly. If your fishing big pits then maybe not.

However, if you fish big pits but you have a lot of stalking opportunities then yes, baiting poles are perfect for stalking as you can get your rig out super stealthily. If you fish big pits but only need to fish 10 wraps out then yes, these are perfect for this sort of fishing.

If you use washing-lines a lot with your fishing then yes, you can get your rig to places which can't be fished otherwise.

If you love margin fishing then yes as the baiting pole is super effective for this.

If your fishing canals a lot then yes. A baiting pole is the perfect way to get your rig to the otherside of the canal, up against some snags or inbetween static canal boats.

Which Baiting Pole Is Right for Me?

With multipule baiting poles on the market, it's worth doing some research to make sure you've got the best one for your angling needs. Here is some ins and outs of the baiting poles we stock.

Nash Bushwhacker

Retailing at £189.99, the Nash Bushwhacker is the most diverse pole on the market and hear is why. Firstly you can buy extra sections, meaning that if you inivest in enought you can use the bushwhacker at a max of 45 meters. Without the extras, the baiting pole has a length of 15meters. More than most other baiting poles on the market!

The sections are super easy to put together. Simply press the button down and it will slide into the hole. The Catalan-style spoon features a slot for line to sit exiting the the spoon. This means not only your rig falls perfect every time, you can also control the direction of the pole by tightening your line. If the line is exiting the spoon to the right then the pole will steer to the right when the line is tightened. 

For what it is, the Bushwhacker is quite compact. I could just about fit it in a Hyundai i10 so for small car owners you have to lay it in-between the passenger seat and the door, but it still fits! You’ll have no problem in a Corsa sized car or bigger.

If you invest in the Heavy Dury Carry Case, then this makes it easier to carry around the lake as it features a back strap.

I personally believe this is the best baiting pole on the market. With it being super versatile and easy to use, you can’t go wrong.

Aqua Atom 12m Baiting Pole

The Aqua Atom Baiting Pole is very compact, being telescopic it packs down to 90cm. This makes it very friendly for small car owners and also easy to carry around the lake. As well as this, the pole reaches out to 12m, making it a good range.

The drawbacks of this pole is that you can't buy extra sections so you are limited to 12m. And, the pole does not include the bait spoon or floats. The main advantage of this pole is its compactness however.

Cygnet Baiting Pole

The Cygnet Baiting Pole is 12m in length. Retailing at £159.99, the pole comes as 7 sections. Making each section roughly 1.7 meters. As well as this, there is extra sections available for this baiting pole. The sections come together buy simply slotting them together. This makes the pole easy to use and quick for shipping out your rig!

This baiting pole however doesn’t come with with bait spoon or floats, so you’ll have to buy one separately.

Written By Rob Taylor