Photos whilst on the bank

  1. Korda Kutter Danny Fairbrass explains how it works

    Danny Fairbrass talks you through the thoughts behind the Korda Kutter! Click Here for more info
  2. Korda Kontour why Ali Hamidi and Danny Fairbrass use it.

    The reason Ali Hamidi and Danny Fairbrass use Korda Kontour! Click Here for more info
  3. Korda Sub Line why adam Penning and Simon Scott use it

    The reason's why Adam Penning and Simon Scott use Sub Line. Click Here for more info
  4. Sensas Challenge Weekend Practice

    On Thursday, Gary Pook and I went to Molands Pool for a practice, we went with the idea of trying out a few different ground bait mixes and fishing the waggler. When I woke up in the morning the thermometer on the van said minus 4 and it wasn't until I was half way up the M5, I thought its...
  5. Urban Banx 4 Coming Soon !!

  6. New Korda FREE Dvd Tackle, Tactics and Tips Vol 6

    The New Korda Tackle, Tactics and Tips Vol 6 Dvd is Now in Stock !!!!
  7. Basingstoke Canal Winter League, final round

    Last Saturdays match on the 'Bazzy' was the best I have ever fished, the spring like weather really encouraged the fish to feed, little did we know what was instore for the Sunday. The air temperature was about 8 degrees and hardly any wind, it was a real pleasure to be out on the bank, after the last month of...
  8. The Shop

  9. Bristol Docks Evening Series 7/3/13

    Last nights match there was signs of the smaller fish feeding and the general fishing getting better, as the weather slowly warms up, lets hope the cold weather forecast for next week doesn't happen. Last weeks match, only bream fed, but this week the mild breeze and clear water meant more fish were beginning to feed, could this be the...
  10. Angling Trust Winter League Semi, Gold Valley

    Wednesday, was my last practice match before the event, we had a few things sorted on the pole and didn't want to let anyone see, so nobody in the team set a pole up for this match. Its called a practice match but everyone was just trying to win it individually. I drew 105 on Syndicate, caught a few carp...

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