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  1. Thinking Anglers Tungskin Braided Hooklink

    The hugely popular Thinking Anglers Tungskin Braid is Now In Stock in 3 different breaking strains - 15lb - 25lb - 35lb Check it out here
  2. Craig Andrews with "Poolies" at 36lb 12oz!!

    BIG shout out to Craig Andrews on the capture of "poolies" from Christchurch in Oxford! Well Done mate P.S Nice hood ;-)
  3. Big Shout out to BAC Regular Jack Reid with this Stunner!

  4. A sneak Peak at the all New Jag Black Pro-Lite Bankware

  5. New BAC Show Room - Now Open!!

  6. The BIG Open Day at Bristol Angling Centre - Saturday June 7th

    Saturday JUNE 7th a date not to be missed!! All the Big Names and Open Day BARGINS!!
  7. Sensas Festival France - 17&18/5/14

    Just got back from the 2014 sensas festival fished in the chateadunn region of france. One day fished on the river loir and one day fished on a complex of lakes nearby. I travelled over on the thursday for two days practise and a good look at all the venues.I fished the river on the thursday, i had a really...
  8. Craig Andrews Doin it!

  9. New Click and Collect Service - Now Live

    The New Click and Collect Serviceis now in place on the website - Simply Place your order online and collect in-store. The best of both worlds. :-)
  10. Bristol Docks Evening Series 27/3/14

    The Thursday evening match was fished at Mud Dock and Police Launch stretch of the docks, the water was clear, but a cold easterly wind kept the weights down.Top rod on the night was Jason Bird with 10lb 3oz, he included a big bream amongst his roach catch, all on the pole with maggots. Second was John Macey with 8lb...
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