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  1. BAC Regular "Ozzy" Returns from France

    This was "ozzys" Best of the week, a stunning 51.6oz Mirroe caught on a 4ft Zig! Good Skill's Mate!!
  2. Bristol Docks Evening Series 13/3/14

    The water is starting to clear, at last, its the first time for months that the match wasn't fished in dirty water, and the fishing was good, a lot of big roach showed, fish between 8-12oz. These fish are in pristine condition with bright red fins and a lovely blue tinge. These big roach are hardly ever caught and I...
  3. NEWS from Linear Fisheries!

  4. Tom Forman Checks in with this Stunner!

    Nash Tackle's Tom Forman here with a Cracking March Mirror
  5. Nash Instant Action Range

    Instant Action Boilies Coconut Creme Bright white for tremendous visual attraction, based on the success of Nashbait’s legendary Amber Strawberry, Coconut Crème blends oil and water soluble synthetic and natural attractors with two sweeteners, allowing it to dissipate smell quickly in the coldest water yet always retaining a rich, rounded taste. Coconut Crème uses a two stage manufacture unique to...
  6. CC Moore Response + Booster Liquids - Now In Stock!

      CC Moore Response + Bait Booster These high quality, P.V.A. - friendly bait boosters have been specifically designed to give an intense boost of attraction to any type of bait you are using. Regardless of when, where and how long they are fishing, the most successful anglers know that all baits must be liquid-boosted as much as possible to...
  7. CC Moore Equinox has Landed in Store!

    The long awaited CC Moore Equinox has finally landed in store!
  8. New front window signs on the the shop.

    Check out our new window signage.. cool huh.. Which is your favourite?
  9. Korda N Trap Semi Stiff Braided Hooklink in Silt - Now In Stock!

  10. Korda Infuza Hook Bait Enhancement System - Now In Stock!

    Korda Infuza Hook Bait Enhancement System   The Ultimate Hookbait Storage System from korda. Specifically designed to ensure your hookbaits are glugged perfectly, that your pop ups don't end up sinking due to too much liquid, it ensures your liquids last longer and you get the correct amount on each of your hookbaits. Designed to store boosted hook baits and...
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