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  1. Nathan James with the Big Girl "Nick Tale" at 29lb!

    Big Shout out to Nathan James on the Winter capture of Nick Tale @ 29lb! This was the best of 4 Fish. This goes to show if you get your location and tactics correct the results are there for the taking. Good Angling Nathan !
  2. Hero to Zero, Viaduct CIPS League

    The last round of the Sensas CIPS league had mixed emotions for me, the practice match arranged for the Wednesday before was very enjoyable, I drew on Spring lake, which is by far the best lake for 'silvers', I was on peg 24. For company at the next peg, I had Tony Rixon, I rate Tony as probably the best...
  3. Sensas CIPS League, Viaduct Results 11/1/14

    Saturdays match never showed the full potential of the venue, the sun spoiled the fishing, this venue fishes a lot better on overcast days, but we have had a lot worst in January.Individuals on the day1st Des Shipp  33-10  peg 130, 13 tench on the waggler, single caster he loose fed 1 and a half pints.2nd  Larry Salter  22-1 peg...
  4. Subsurface has now landed back in Stock!

    This Awesome Publication Sold out within days of our first delivery. Its now back in stock For more information CLICK HERE
  5. Here's Mike Wilson with a Lovely Winter Common

    Nash Tackles Mike Wilson hasn't let the recent bad weather put him off.. Here he is with a lovely dark 20lb common, taken on a New Nash Instant Action Coconut Cream Pop Up. Good Angling Mikey, keep it up!
  6. Top Monkey Gio here will a Stonking Common!

    Check out Monkey Climbers Main Man Gio with this Stonking Common Carp!! The Photos not bad either ;-) Good Angling Mate!!
  7. Stunning Shot here from Lee Jordan

  8. TFG Banana Braid is Back In Stock!!

    No Shock Leaders - No Braid carnage - CLICK HERE  
  9. NEW Korda Infuza Hook Bait Enhancement System Coming Soon to BAC

      Korda Infuza Hook Bait Enhancement System The Ultimate Hookbait Storage System from korda. Specifically designed to ensure your hookbaits are glugged perfectly, that your pop ups don't end up sinking due to too much liquid, it ensures your liquids last longer and you get the correct amount on each of your hookbaits. Designed to store boosted hook baits and...
  10. Nash H Gun Elevator Cradles - Standard - Deluxe - Uni Carry Bag

    Nash Tackle have announced the launch of there H Gun Elevator Cradles Starting at only £54.99! They have also launched a new H gun Uni Cradle bag for stylish transportation.    
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