I have been sharpening my hooks for years and it has caught me a lot of extra fish. To sharpen my hooks I use 3 components, the most important one is the Jag file, the black one, I have also got a pinpoint vice to put the hook in, you can use any sort of vice but I prefer this one, and finally a pin point stone which is what I use to touch up the point after filing it.

To sharpen the hook, firstly take the black sharpening stone, this is the one that takes the most metal off of the hook. Start by going down the hook towards the point, make sure that you don't press too hard when you get near the point, otherwise you will take the point off the hook.

I use anything between 6 and 10 strokes and you can see the hook has become a lot more flat near the top, and then move over to the sides when I will give each side maybe 5 strokes, then you can see it has come to a diagonal point, after you have done that just take the stone and give it a nice smooth over all the angles.

Recently I have been using these sharpened hooks on a local reservoir and I've been taking a good number of fish up to 26lb.