England international and Maver Sponsored angler Callum Dicks gives you an insight into what's included with the Maver Superlithium 16m Pole Package!

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Callum has recently been receiving a lot of messages through his social media asking him for more details regarding the Super Lithium Pole package.

So what does it include?

To start off with, you have a 13m Pole with a 14.5m and 16m extension. The spares package you get with it is massive. To start off with, you get 2x 1 piece top kits, these are shorter and these are what Callum uses for all his F1 fishing. Whether your fishing shallow in the summer for f1's or fishing for the smallest of bites in the winter. There is less elastic in the top kit which really does speed things up and gives you more control over the fish.

The next set of top kits you get is the Power Carp Top Kit, you get 4 of these with the pole and these are ideal for paste fishing where you are likely to be using 14-17 hollow elastic or ever 20+. These top kits are super strong.

The next Top kits and the most popular top kits are the Powerlite Top Kits, now you get 6 of these included in the package. This is the top kit that Callum uses for 80% of his fishing. You can use anything from a number 5 solid elastic all the way up to a number 17 hollow. These top kits are really light and really stiff, ideal for fishing at 16 meters in the summer hitting bites with meat and pellet.

A cupping kit inclusive of 3 cups and the adapter is included.

Just to clarify, this is the commercial package but you still get 2x Long number 4's.

2x short number 4 section's included, ideal for stiffening up the pole even more.

2x biconical extensions. They will fit the 7,8 and 9 sections.

A great little addition to this pole package is these great little pole end protectors! Now these will fit your 11,13,14.5 and 16m sections. These are great bits of kit, if you're like Callum and like holding your pole above your elbow, it adds a lot of pressure/weight onto the end of the section. So by adding one of these to the section, it protects it from crushing. It is also great for protecting the end of the pole when shipping it back through bushes or hedges.

This is a great comprehensive package that Callum is loving using at the moment.

Stay safe