Winter Carp Fishing - Get Prepared for the Cold! During the winter, the conditions can be a lot harsher than spring and summer. For this reason your preparation may change!

Spare Clothes

Winter Carp Fishing can become very cold. If you're doing a night or two it is always ideal to carry spare clothes. You never know what may happen, if you end up soaking wet in the winter for whatever reason this can make you vulnerable to hypothermia. If you become extremely cold and have dont have any spare clothes or then reel in and sit in the car if you can, to warm up or if you can't try and get home for some warmth. As much as we all love fishing, in my opinion no fish is worth catching hypothermia over!

Remember it is always better to bring too many warm clothes than too little. If you're in a debate about whether to bring a coat or not because you think you'll be fine without just take it anyway! The Worst case scenario is you have to carry it / store it all day but that's better than being too cold from a lack of coat!

Spare socks are essential at this time of year and always wear warm footwear like wellies!

Spare Gas and Brewing Kit

Hot drinks are one of the best ways to keep your hands warm. I tend to go through so much more tea during winter than any other time of year for this reason! Make sure you've got plenty of tea bags to last you so you can keep yourself warm throughout your session!

Always remember a spare gas canister as well, as this time of year you are likely to be making more warm food meaning more use of your gas.

Bedchair Covers

I would recommend bringing a thermal bedchair cover unless you have a 5 season sleeping bag then it may not be needed. Once again if you find yourself too warm you can take the cover off but if you're too cold without it then there isn't a lot you can do if you don't have it on you!


Blog Written By Rob Taylor